Mother Nature is NOT Playing Games.

…But you can Flood Proof your Home and have a piece of mind once and for all!

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As you already know province of Ontario and Greater Toronto Area in general, has been getting more rain than ever before. We had a historic flood in July of 2013 that simply crippled the City’s sewer system and wreaked havoc on resident of Toronto. Many homes, properties, vehicles and valuables were lost or destroyed beyond repair…

In August, 2014 – City of Burlington and Oakville were flooded in a “Flash Flood”. The heavy rain came with force and paralyzed 2 jurisdictions…Once again many homes, cars, roads were covered with water. A flood scene we could only see on TV in the past is now becoming a common occurrence.

Fortunately, technology has advanced like never before, and Flood Protection solutions are available for different environments and budgets. From basic sewer backup protection like a Backwater Valve to a more sophisticated Waterproofing Systems and Sump Pump installations. These are effective solutions that can keep your home safe during different levels of flooding.

If you’re looking for some level of flooding and backup protection Click Here to see how our program works of call our office to speak with a flooding prevention specialist: 416-343-0241.

It's really possible to Flood Proof your home.

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After having the sewer back up last year, we were not willing to live that nightmare again. Public plumbing put in a back flow valve and sump pump. All the staff were very professional. They showed up in a timely manner. I highly recommend this company.

Cathy from Toronto

Walter and his team originally replaced all the clay sewage lines in my1960s bungalow. He then changed out our old copper pipes to new Pex with individual Runs to each device. During last summer our house was hit by the sewage backup. Once it was cleaned up Walter came in to install a sump pump and back flow valve. I am a very picky person and his team did everything I was looking for and more. My basement is completely finish with expensive Italian Porcelain. So he installed the backflow value on the outside of the house. It also makes it easier to clean. It was a great deal more work than an inside one but his team was still able to dig 8 feet down update everything and replace within 2 days. We are so happy with the piece of mind that the next time the city fails we should be okay thanks to Public Plumbing. We will likely ask Walter and his team to water proof the outside walls of our basement as a final precaution. Again thanks for your help.

John from Toronto

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