Backwater Valve Rebate Program in the Region of Peel Three Simple Reminders to Get Rebate

The city of Ontario commonly experiences rainstorm and flooding for two main reasons:

  • Storm water or ground water seeping into one’s basement through leaks and cracks, due to poor lot grading or failure in the weeping tile, sump pump, eaves-troughs or downspouts.
  • Poor sewer backup.

The Region of Peel encourages homeowners to install a sanitary backwater valve in order to protect their homes from basement flooding. As a form of reward, the Region is providing a rebate amounting to $700 to all eligible homeowners.
A backwater valve shuts off excess waste water from coming up from a sewer system. As water passes through the device, the valve closes to prevent backflow, thus preventing flooding. Although a backwater valve does not provide 100% guarantee, it can get the job done when installed properly by a professional.
However, not any homeowner can approach the Region’s office and ask for the $700 subsidy. You must follow necessary steps to become eligible for the program. Read below.
First, you must:

  • Prove that you live in a flood-prone area by showing a past flood-related insurance claim.
  • Have experienced and reported basement flooding due to rainstorm in the past.
  • Have not already received a similar subsidy from the Region of Peel in the past.

Second, you must satisfy program requirements by performing the following:

  1. Disconnect all your downspouts to make sure the backwater valve will be installed properly. If disconnecting any or all is not possible, call 905-791-7800, ext. 4409 to ask for an exemption.
  2. Install an open-type sanitary backwater valve that has passed the Ontario Building Code. You can install the valve yourself if you have passed the necessary criteria. Otherwise, installation must be done by a licensed plumber. (To avoid getting scammed; you should know that a typical installation of sanitary backwater valve may range from $1,600 to $3,500.)
  3. Secure a building permit from the City of Brampton, Mississauga, or the Town of Caledon, signed by a municipal inspector. The permit should include the sanitary backwater valve model number.
  4. Secure a signed sanitary backwater valve inspection from municipal inspector
  5. Complete the Sanitary Backwater Valve Rebate Program application form

Third, about the application form, be mindful of the following:

  • Send the application form with the signed building permit and receipts to:

    Sanitary Backwater Valve Subsidy Program
    2 Copper Road
    Brampton, ON L6T 4W5
  • After receiving your application, expect the Region of Peel to visit your home to assess your downspouts.
  • After having assessed that all your downspouts have been disconnected accordingly, expect your rebate in the mail after 6-8 weeks. (This does not apply if you applied for a downspout disconnection inspection.)

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