Often basement backups are caused by City sewer systems being interconnected. Some houses have downspouts, foundation drains, and/or the sump pump connected to the City’s sanitary sewer. During heavy rains, storm water enters the sanitary sewers overloading the main lines and contributing to backups in houses connected to that line.
Basement backups can also be caused by events not related to rain water. According to several reports, the most common items removed by plumbers from drain lines are sanitary napkins, Q-tips, hair, grease, and foods. These along with other items block drain lines causing the waste water to come back up and resurface at the lowest drain point.
Our Sewer/Drain Backup Service can help you solve:

  • Main Drain Backups
  • Emergency Backups
  • Kitchen & Bath Backups
  • Storm Drain Backups
  • Basement Drain Backups

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