Hamilton’s 3P Program and Backwater Valve Rebate

The City of Hamilton offers good news to its residents who wish to protect their homes from rainwater basement flooding. Through its 3P Program (Residential Protective Plumbing Program), the city guides homeowners and gives out financial assistance as they perform a number of plumbing installations to stop basement flooding as a result of sewer surcharging.

Recently, Hamilton has experienced more heavy rains and flooding than in the past years. This prompted the City Council to launch the 3P Program to encourage homeowners to take action. (The program includes backwater valve rebate.)

Below are important 3P details:

1. Homeowners become eligible for the program after disconnecting their downspouts and installing their own backwater valve, with sump pit and pump. But when doing so, homeowners should know the following:

a) Installing these plumbing features require inspection and a building permit. Securing a permit requires costs, but these too will be reimbursed by the city later on.

b) Installation must be done or in consultation with Hamilton-licensed plumbers and/or contractors

2. With the help of a licensed plumber/contractor, homeowners can perform the following works and later apply for the amount of maximum rebate specified:

a) Installing of an approved backwater valve with sump pit and pump, for a maximum rebate of $2,000

b) Getting an official CCTV inspection and assessment, for a maximum rebate of $500

c) Disconnecting downspouts, for a maximum rebate of $200

The City of Hamilton will cap its funding at the lowest estimate submitted. And to further provide convenience to homeowners, the City of Hamilton is also offering a 3P loan program

3. Finally, homeowners will be asked to submit three independent estimates from a licensed plumber/contractor.

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