Backwater Valve Rebate Program in the Region of Peel

The province of Ontario commonly experiences rainstorm and flooding for two main reasons. These are:

  • Storm water or ground water seeping into one’s basement through leaks and cracks, due to poor lot grading or failure in the weeping tile, sump pump, eaves-troughs or downspouts.
  • Sewer backup

As a result, most municipalities provide some type of rebate or subsidy for homeowners that wish to install flood prevention devices.

Region of Peel Sanitary Backwater Valve Rebate Program

"The Region of Peel offers a sanitary backwater valve rebate of $700 dollars for eligible homeowners until Dec 31, 2016. We will continue to accept rebate applications until June 30, 2017, for work done prior to Dec. 31, 2016. Please review the eligibility information below and contact the Region of Peel to confirm eligibility for this rebate program."

You can read more about eligibility here:

What is a Backwater Valve

Back water valves play a crucial role in protecting your basement from flooding. The valve blocks sewage water from flowing back up your drain pipes.

how it works
We’re committed to helping you go through the application process to obtain the subsidy, and provide the highest quality installation at a very reasonable cost. We understand the stress and uncertainty that a homeowner may experience during such a project and we promise to guide you every step of the way and make sure your installation is smooth, timely and you’re completely satisfied.
Our Service promises:

  • FREE, No-Obligation Estimates.
  • A formal Warranty.
  • Highly Skilled, Quality, Local Plumbers.
  • Punctual and Efficient Service.

Call us for this great preventative measure. You won’t be sorry that you placed the value of your family’s health and property first! Call 416-343-0241 or visit our Contact Us page to set up your free flood prevention consultation.

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