After having the sewer back up last year, we were not willing to live that nightmare again. Public plumbing put in a back flow valve and sump pump. All the staff were very professional. They showed up in a timely manner. I highly recommend this company.

Backflow Valve & Sump Pump | Cathy, Toronto

Public Plumbing came recommended by our insurance co. after the big flood of 2013. Naz and his crew were brought in to install two back up valves and enlarge an existing basement drain to prevent future water damage. I found Public Plumbing to be very accommodating, punctual and reliable, and given the condition/age of the pipes, rather resourceful. Was also pleased to find out that they were successful in getting us unexpected rebate from the city. Any questions I had were always dealt with promptly and professionally by Naz and his team. Lastly, for the services rendered I found the costs reasonable.

Backup Valve(Backflow) Installation | Stefan , Toronto

Walter and his team originally replaced all the clay sewage lines in my1960s bungalow. He then changed out our old copper pipes to new Pex with individual Runs to each device. During last summer our house was hit by the sewage backup. Once it was cleaned up Walter came in to install a sump pump and back flow valve. I am a very picky person and his team did everything I was looking for and more. My basement is completely finish with expensive Italian Porcelain. So he installed the backflow value on the outside of the house. It also makes it easier to clean. It was a great deal more work than an inside one but his team was still able to dig 8 feet down update everything and replace within 2 days. We are so happy with the piece of mind that the next time the city fails we should be okay thanks to Public Plumbing. We will likely ask Walter and his team to water proof the outside walls of our basement as a final precaution. Again thanks for your help.

Sump Pump & Backflow Valve | John, Toronto

Had a leaky basement that could not be waterproofed from exterior, so I called Public Plumbing for an interior solution. They answered by questions and came in immediately to waterproof the side of my basement and installed a sump pump. So far so good. Quick and easy and gave me a competitive price as I received three quotes and negotiated price. Very happy with the service. Thanks

Interior Waterproofing & Sump Pump | Ren, Toronto

We woke up on a Saturday to the smell of sewage in our basement. We narrowly missed a flood, thanks to Public Plumbing. They sent Mike Dunn to our home immediately. Mike explained the problem and also explained that we would need to dig into our ground to see what was going on. He could not promise what we would find but offered his best guess based on his experience -- a collapsed trap. He was right. The crew was efficient, polite and hard-working. By Monday, they had dug up our driveway, removed the trap and replaced the pipe. This work was done over one year ago. We have had no problems since that time. I give Mike and Public Plumbing my highest recommendation.

Sewage Pipes | Alexis, Toronto

Walter and the crew were a pleasure to deal with through the entire project. Their knowledge of the City requirements, permits, back-water flow valve reimbursement and quality of the work was excellent. No damage, no mess all cleaned up perfectly. Everything works just as it should.

Sanitary & Storm Line Replacement | Marcus, North York

I was very impressed with this company. They were efficient and clean in their work and very knowledgeable. They were punctual and returned my phone calls in a timely fashion. They handled all the paperwork and permit. I would highly recommend them.

Backwater Valve & Sump Pump | Maria, Toronto

These are true professionals. Naz and his team promised to be on time and they were on time and within budget. The rebate form for the backwater valve was done for me. All I had to do was send it in. I highly recommend Public Plumbing!

Backwater Valve & Sump Pump | Jerry, Etobicoke

We experienced a sewer back up and ended up with about a foot of water and other !@# stuff in our basement as a result of the August 4th GTA storm. Some parts of Lakeshore Blvd in Etobicoke were closed due to 2 - 3 feet of water on the roadway. I called the Insurance company as I was lucky enough to have sewer back up coverage. I found out that there was a website for the city of Toronto that detailed a Mainline Backflow Valve. The City of Toronto rebates homeowners $ 1250.00 for this valve if you have it installed by a certified installer which Public Plumbing is. This valve when installed will not allow any back flow into our house via the city sewer line. Its also a Canadian Patented product!! I called the company and was referred to Chauncey Builders Supply. I contacted Chauncey and they recommended Public Plumbing as they had expert knowledge of the product and installation which was evident after meeting with Naz and Walter. I have to say that Public Plumbing called back within the hour after I left a voicemail message, despite the two other plumbers that I called who have yet to even call back now!! Well I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but I was pleasently surprised with all aspects of the work performed. Public Plumbing returned my call within the hour, showed up at the time given, completed all work without interruption and/or delay, respected my home/walkway/driveway by laying down drop cloths through all areas they accessed through, used equipment and methods that impressed me (I have Engineering background), and provided services and material at a cost which was very reasonable (I checked with other plumbers after the fact and they were still about 20 - 35 % below rough qoutes. I would not hesitate to recommend Public Plumbing to my family and friends and now to those who happen to read this review. They truly met and exceeded my expectations. All work was completed before agreed upon date and it is impossible to tell that a major sewer removal and installation was perfomed. The crew that was here sometimes stayed until 7 pm after starting at 8 am that day to complete what was committed to. They truly keep to thier word which impressed me. How many firms can you trust to keep thier word without having all details in writing. All agreements except for the qoutation were on a handshake and Public Plumbing kept all promises. They even put top soil over the location outside my home where a pit had to be dug. Now my wife wants a flower bed made LOL, work for me now. So if you are need of a reputable plumber who is equiped with the latest plumbing technology, give Public Plumbing a call as they are certainly interested in thier reputation. Thier business motto is "WE DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME" and they most certainly do this! Signed Happy Homeowner South Etobicoke read less

Backflow Valve Installtion to Jake's | Jake in Etobicoke