Backwater Valve Rebate Program Toronto: How to Take Part

Toronto is one of the most beautiful cities in the world for many reasons, and one of them is the city’s efficient sewer system. Unseen underneath the city is a complex highway of sewers, pipes and catch basins, which make sure Toronto homes, are safe, clean, and flood-free. Yet, the city’s sewer system can handle only so many homes. The concern for Toronto neighborhoods has led to plans to evenly redistribute rain and waste water. To make this happen, the city offers rebate for as much as $3,400 per home. 
To be part of the city’s rebate program and enjoy its subsidy, property owners just need to know about: (a) property requirements, (b) eligible items and works, and (c) steps in applying for the program.

Property requirements: which homes can ask for a rebate?

  1. Homes that are already completed.
  2. Homes that are registered as: (a) single family residential, (b) duplex, or (c) triplex.
  3. Homes whose paved front yards comply with Toronto zoning by-laws (applicable for homes with a parking pad instead of a driveway.)
  4. Homes whose eaves-trough downspouts are already disconnected from the city’s sewer system.

Eligible items and works: what plumbing items and works are eligible for rebate?
Items and Works:

  • Backwater valve: the city will subsidize 80% of the invoiced cost, plus $1,250 worth of labour, materials, permits and taxes.
  • Sump pump (with back-up power source): the city will subsidize 80% of the invoiced cost, plus $1,750 worth of labour, materials, permits and taxes.
  • Pipe severance and capping: the city will subsidize 80% of the invoiced cost, plus $400 worth of labour, materials, permits and taxes.
  • A licensed Toronto plumbing or drain company must provide a consultation to the homeowner to ensure the proper equipment is installed.

Steps in applying for the program: what should a property owner do to quality for the subsidy?
Before identifying the steps in applying, the property owner must have already done the following:

  1. Hired or consulted with a plumbing contractor or drain contractor duly licensed by the City of Toronto.
  2. Secured a building permit and approved inspection.
  3. Completed the installation of the above mentioned plumbing items.
  4. Paid the items and works in full and properly invoiced.

Steps to apply for city subsidy:

  1. When installing a backwater valve, secure a permit from the city’s Building Division from one of Toronto’s many service counters by providing a construction proposal (drawing) and paying the necessary fees.
  2. Provide an invoice, marked "paid in full" from the licensed contractor or plumber.
  3. Complete the city’s Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program application form, and keep in mind the following:

a) Mail the completed application form and all required documents to the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program of the City of Toronto (PO Box 15266 STN B RM B, Toronto, ON M7Y 2W1).
b) All application forms must be properly signed and dated by the property owner or legal representative.
c) Applications will be processed 10 weeks or more after receipt of the application form.
d) Applications and supporting documents must have been submitted not more than a year after the date of the invoice.
e) All submitted documents must be originals (no photocopies).

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